Skill Assessment – Our new skill assessment feature is designed to set the standard for student evaluation. It allows the student to take a pre-course evaluation and receive immediate results by unit. The student then can go to the specific topics needing further study, based on the automatically customized curriculum. The student or administrator can also compare his or her pre-course assessment with their course scores and their post-course evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the course. As an additional benefit, course mastery levels can be set by the administrator. Unlike other vendors, our skill assessment randomly selects questions for the test and utilizes task-based exercises in addition to multiple choice questions.

Bookmarking – Our web based training courses have always had the ability to create a bookmark using the browser. Now, for our students who travel frequently and access our courses from the Internet from multiple locations, bookmarking is now available from within the course. The Exit button sets a bookmark for the student and when they return to that course from the sign-on page, they are automatically returned to the same page, regardless of where they initiated the session. This means you can start taking a course in California, fly to Florida, and pick up at the same screen on a different computer two days later. Ideal for consultants or executives on the move, it’s virtual training at its best. Bookmarking capability is included with our network delivery courses as well.

Enhanced delivery – Bandwidth is the lifeblood of any Internet/Intranet training deployment. As other vendors struggle to offer you a viable web platform, we are moving to the second generation of our HTML delivery platform. If network bandwidth is a concern of yours (and it should be), your best solution is CCI and DPEC. Only CCI and DPEC offers you courses with minimal bandwidth ramifications thanks to our unique lean Web footprint philosophy that creates a separate file for each page. Since our average page size, with graphics, is only 16k, you can avoid the nasty traffic jams inherent with other vendors’ multi-megabyte downloads or Java-based delivery systems. Plus, our courses work on Windows 3.1 machines.